Our Services

Our Services

Sunshine Private Hospital provides specialist services with its modern design and business model, enabling us to accommodate day surgery, short stay and longer in-patient admissions. Sunshine Private is ideally placed to meet the demand of under-supply of private medical services in Melbourne’s west.
Hospital Stay
  • 4 fully integrated operating theatres
  • A 30-bed medical and surgical ward
  • High dependency beds
  • 24 Bed Day Surgery
  • An endoscopy suite
  • A dedicated 21-bed inpatient mental health unit
  • Outpatient Mental Health programs
  • Permanent and sessional consulting suites
  • On-site Diagnostic services
  • Sleep studies
  • Day oncology treatment
Here at SPH we embrace the person-centred care ideal, involving the patient in the planning and delivery of their care so that we can meet their individual needs and preferences. We respect our patient’s choices, values, beliefs and culture at all times. 

Private healthcare close to home

Sunshine Private provides specialist services that would otherwise see residents travelling outside of the west. For specialists, it creates the perfect opportunity to meet demand and grow their private practice.
Modern purpose-built operating facilities and accommodation

Sunshine Private Hospital is designed with the patient in mind. Our modern purpose-built accommodation and operating facilities house the latest technological advancements, and our state-of-the-art private rooms provide comfort and privacy.

Private mental health in-patient unit

The mental health facility focuses on treating a broad range of adult psychiatric disorders, including in-patient and outpatient support programs as well as Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

The hospital is ideally placed to provide the local community with private mental health services closer to home.

Our expert, highly trained staff are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care.
A range of consulting suites supports Sunshine Private Hospital and services the community by providing in-demand specialist services.

Sunshine Private Consulting Suites

Contact Information

P: 1300 600 978, press Option 1 F: 03 9124 4574 Email: [email protected]

Medical professionals can download the current Consulting Specialist list below

On-site services

At SPH we have additional onsite services that are accessible in one location, including; medical imaging, pathology, pharmacy and fertility services.
Capital Radiology

Medical Imaging services are provided on-site by Capital

First Response Pharmacy

First Response Pharmacy is committed to making the world a better place. The pharmacy’s location on the Ground floor of Sunshine Private Hospital makes dispensing medications and accessing other discharge items easy

Monash IVF

The Monash IVF clinic offers a full-service clinic for those living or working in Melbourne’s west. It is a multi-disciplinary team of fertility specialists, fertility nurses, scientists, counsellors and patient coordinators.

Melbourne Pathology

Melbourne Pathology’s new collection centre at Sunshine Private provides on-site specimen collection and visiting services to the hospital and qualifying patients.

Fresenius Kidney Care

Fresenius Kidney Care offers dialysis treatment, resources, recipes, and support for individuals with chronic kidney disease and ESRD.

Maven Centre

Maven Centre provides comprehensive patient-centred care to women and people seeking gynaecological services in Melbourne’s western corridor.

Manse Medical

Manse Medical is a leading respiratory and sleep medical clinic dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive care for respiratory and sleep disorders. We are committed to providing equal treatment access for all our patients, regardless of age, gender, faith, ethnicity and social background, to empower them to lead happier and healthier lives. We are located on level 5 in suite 5.2.


HeartWest is the largest cardiology group in the west and northwest of Melbourne. Since 2002, HeartWest has been committed to providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality cardiac care for the whole community and supporting individuals through every step of the patient journey. We are located on level 5 in suite 5.6


AusTrials is a leading private clinical research site network with dedicated research sites in Australia. AusTrials have opened a site in the Sunshine Private Hospital offering clinical trials in general medicine to participants in north west Melbourne. We are located on level 5.

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