Mental Health Services

Sunshine Private Hospital has a dedicated mental health unit with an experienced team of mental health professionals delivering comprehensive mental health services to our local community in the Western suburbs, providing services close to home.
Mental Health Unit features
  • Women’s only (18+) Mental Health Inpatient Unit


  • Mental Health Outpatient consultations (all genders 16 & above)
Patients having coffee in the open plan dining area of the mental health unit.
Patients and staff enjoying the courtyard of the mental health unit.

Our services include:


Mental Health Nursing

Group Therapy

Art Therapy


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

Sunshine Private Hospital is proud to play a role in supporting women of the west with bespoke services, including women’s mental health. –
Dr Malak Sukkar CEO

Our Philosophy of Care

Multidisciplinary approach
It is important to us to have options for different approaches to care, with clinicians from various different disciplines – we know that care is not one-size-fits-all!
Programs have been built with, and staff have been trained with, the following principles in mind:
Respect for Diversity
Care and treatment is focused on helping patients feel empowered, with tools, skills, and support to recover towards meaningful living.
Patients’ ability to advocate for their care needs, their treatment goals, and to have their voices heard is central to our staff’s focus.


Mental Health referrals 


In-Patients (Women Only)

Please email referrals to [email protected] or complete our Online Referral Form.

P: 03 9124 4528 or

P: 03 9124 4568


Outpatients (Open to All*)

Please email referrals to or complete our Online Referral Form.

P: 03 9124 1884 or

F: 03 9124 4574

For Inpatient and Day program referrals-

Address referral to ‘Intake Clinician’ or to a specific Psychiatrist if preferred.

For Outpatient referrals-

Address referral to ‘To the Psychiatrist’ or to a specific Psychiatrist if preferred.

*Includes Telehealth appointments

A range of consulting suites supports Sunshine Private Hospital and services the community by providing in-demand specialist services.

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