We understand that innovative, digital healthcare delivery means better patient outcomes. Delivering end-to-end digital healthcare with our partners results in a seamless, secure experience for those in our care.
Innovation Means Better Care

We transform care by automating clinical records and supporting decisions across the continuum of care. Our innovative use of technology means we deliver a better service.

We reduce clinical documents and ensure information our team needs about patients is available at each point of the care journey.

The patient portal allows for pre-emptive data collection into our administration system.

This means:

  • informed financial consent for our patents
  • enhanced clinical costing for our suppliers and partners, and
  • accurate charging for services rendered.

Our innovative technology sees that we capture and document all care points.

What this delivers is peace of mind. Our patients get the care they need and pay only for what they receive.

Technology at its best

Our paperless “paper trail” for patient services is seamless, and all costs are made completely transparent.

Data transfer allows for the timely capture of consent and digital ordering for pathology and radiology. This means that our patients are “admission ready”.

Sunshine Private Hospital’s leadership in sustainable healthcare means more community, environmental and economic benefits, including:

Better infection control

The latest technology in operating procedures and patient care helps to reduce the spread of infection, including during a pandemic.

Less time in hospital

Innovative technology means patients could spend less time in hospital and enjoy better health outcomes.

More energy and water savings

State-of-the-art systems mean our hospitals use less energy and water, leading to lower costs. Reduced Emissions We are proud to be contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sunshine Private Hospital has an end-to-end digital healthcare delivery experience for providers and a seamless, secure experience for patients.

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