For GPs

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  For GPs

     At Sunshine Private Hospital, General Practitioners (GPs), are one of our most important customers. We understand the demands of the local GPs and our expert staff

     are here to support you and your patients.


   Medical Admissions

      Direct Admission, no wait time

      As a GP can now admit your patients with private health cover

     Contact our After-Hours Co-Ordinator

     P: 03 9124 4562


     P: 0476 066 445

    Our Services

     We provide up-to-date information and accredited education for GPs about the latest developments in health care, delivered by our consultant physicians, surgeons and       psychiatrists.

    Information regarding upcoming CPD events will appear here. 



    If you would like to organise a Practice meeting with one of our specialists or for any other information, please contact our

    GP Liaison & Consumer Engagement Officer, Liz Connell P: 0401 092 981 Email: [email protected]

    Photo of our GP Liaison Liz


Sunshine Private Hospital Newsletter Autumn ’24

    Information for GPs on our key services, specialist directories and contact numbers can be found here.

A doctor and nurse on the medical ward with a patient observations machine

  Our Services

    Medical Services

    • Cardiology                             
    • Endocrinology   
    • Fertility Services                    
    • Gastroenterology                 
    • General Medicine      
    • Gynaecology 
    • Mental Health Services                        
    • Nephrology     
    • Paediatrics       
    • Pain Management
    • Research Services               
    • Respiratory Medicine     
    • Sleep Studies
    • Urogynaecology    

    Surgical Services

    You can download our Consultant Specialist list

Referrals & Contact Information

Reception staff and a patient at our specialist consulting rooms.
   Sunshine Private Consulting Suites, Medical/Surgical Referrals

     P: 1300 600 978, press Option 1

     F: 03 9124 4574

     Email: [email protected]

   Open Access Endoscopy

    For direct patient referral from a GP to Sunshine Private Hospital*

    Book in an open access procedure by:

    1)P: 03 9124 1829

    2)Email: [email protected]

    3)Fax: 03 9124 4572

    Upon receiving the referral we will then contact the patient

   *Exclusion Criteria- Not all patients are suitable for Open Access Endoscopy.
    Specialist referral is recommended prior to GI Endoscopy for patients:

  • Younger than 16 years or older than 80 years
  • Active and significant co-morbidities
  • Poor mobility
  • BMI >40


   Mental Health Services

    P: 03 9124 4528 or 03 9124 4568

    Email : [email protected]

    or online here: Online Referral Form

    For Psychiatrist appointments:


    P: 1300 600 978, press Option 1

    F: 03 9124 4574

    Email: [email protected]

Additional On-site services

   At SPH we have additional onsite services that are accessible in one location, including;
   medical imaging, pathology, pharmacy, cardiology, research services and fertility services.

ON-SITE Services